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Creating plastic's new life

Low-value plastic waste is mainly packaging, soft bags, multi-layer packaging, packaging with organic impurities and chemicals, and too large-size printed packaging. This is the largest source of polluting plastic waste because it has no collection value, little or no recycling value, accounts for 15% of waste at landfills, and is a major cause of pollution in the river and marine environment.

Based on modern technology and the support of brands, VietCycle has diligently researched and has been actively communicating and building a collection system from households and landfills to turn waste into fuel. This is the most useful solution to prevent waste penetration into the environment and turn it into energy in service of people’s life.

Recycling Process

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VietCycle pioneers in environmental protection by reducing plastic waste.

We call on the community to join hands to take practical actions, for a sustainable Vietnam development, for a healthy and safe living environment for everyone