The Plastic Reborn

The Plastic Reborn


2022 - 2025

The Plastic Reborn

With all our heart, “The Plastic Reborn” program aims to build a community of 12,700 scrap collectors, a plastic waste collection and recycling system with a capacity of 80,000 tons per year, reducing emissions to 152 – 454 tons carbon into the environment every year by 2025. The program also contributes to promoting waste sorting at source in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and other provinces nationwide.

The program is honored to accompany Unilever, AEPW, and IUCN and get the response of international organizations such as UNDP, WWF, YOUNUS, NPAP to support and enhance the quality of life for disadvantaged female collectors in the collection system with the hope that they will receive honor and recognition as a major force in environmental protection.

Over the years, the program has supported female collectors with cleaning products, tools, and personal protective equipment and is making efforts to call for regulatory authorities and international organizations to join hands to deliver the favorable social security policy for them including health insurance, social insurance, etc., and improve their health and career awareness.

Goals to 2025


Recycling 80,000 tons of plastic waste every year


Reducing emissions by 454 tons of Carbon


Building a scrap collector community of 12,700 people

Project activities

Establishing scrap cooperatives, plastic waste collection systems, and gathering and sorting stations in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Long An, Tien Giang, Bac Ninh, Hung Yen, etc.

Results in 2021


Building 105 collection and sorting stations


Training, propagating and supporting 1,297 scrap collectors.


More than 7 million tons of plastic were collected, in which:

PET plastic: 1659,081 tons (23%)

PP plastic: 2503,855 tons (35%)

HDPE plastic: 1985,403 tons (28%)

LDPE plastic: 936,727 tons (13%)

Plan for the year 2022


Setting up 163 collection stations


Access to communication for 2,575 scrap collectors


Collecting 12,500 tons of plastic scrap per year

Plan for the year 2023


Setting up 234 collection stations


Access to communication for 6,770 freelance collectors


Collecting 42,200 tons of plastic scrap per year

The latest news about the program

Circular Economy, Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), Recycling, XanhNét Ecosystem

VietCycle representative attended the Consultation on the Draft Circular on management and use of financial contributions of manufacturers and importers to the Vietnam Environmental Protection Fund to support recycling and waste treatment

Circular Economy, Informal waste workers, XanhNét Ecosystem

VietCycle is honored to become a member of NPAP’s Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) Technical Group

Circular Economy, Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), Phát triển bền vững, Sustainable Development, XanhNét Ecosystem

Deputy Prime Minister Tran Hong Ha visited XanhNét’s exhibition booth

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VietCycle pioneers in environmental protection by reducing plastic waste.

We call on the community to join hands to take practical actions, for a sustainable Vietnam development, for a healthy and safe living environment for everyone