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Creating Plastic’s New Life

Creating plastic's new life

The plastic waste collection and recycling profession has been established for more than 40 years, starting with female collectors, and simple recycling villages all over the country – the quiet and industrious workers who keep Vietnamese households clean by collecting waste. VietCycle was nurtured and grew up in such a harsh environment and has experienced many hardships and ups and downs in this career for over 20 years.

We understand the difficulties and inadequacies of millions of employees and thousands of colleagues in this field but also believe in the bright future of the profession, believe in innovative policies, and believe in international friends. The economy is actively cooperating to support Vietnam to combat plastic pollution.


With a team of dedicated and loyal staff, VietCycle is joining hands with colleagues, management authorities and international organizations to build an advanced and modern recycling industry in Vietnam, aiming to build a circular economy, sustainable development, accompanying friends across five continents to protect the green planet for future generations.


With the dream of turning plastic waste into resources, we have been researching friendly collection and recycling solutions to produce recycled plastic materials that are useful to human life, reduce carbon emissions, and protect the environment.

Cooperating with international partners and brands, applying advanced recycling technology, creating high-class products in satisfaction of global standards, and building VietCycle as a leading recycler in Southeast Asia. Spreading the message, inspiring the community to join hands in building a sustainable consumption culture.


Understanding the collection profession, collection and recycling system in Vietnam, we have been actively involved in the development of favorable policies for the development of the recycling industry in Vietnam so that friends and colleagues have a common playground with a good position in the economy.

Making efforts every day to create a green future, spreading love to the community as a cultural beauty, and raising awareness of environmental protection. Joining hands to support the community of disadvantaged women, silent heroines who are collecting waste all over the street day and night with the dream that each of them is provided with necessary social security services and has a better life, contributing to turning waste into a useful resource for the country.

Development path

Memorable milestones on the path of “creating plastic’s new life”


Production of polyester fiber from used PET bottles.


Import and recycling of PET and PE/PP plastic flakes.


Recycling of PE/PP plastic into the recycled resin.


Building a plastic waste collection system, supporting the community to collect waste from households and on the streets.


Preparing a project of building a recycling plant with advanced technology to produce environmentally friendly products of food grade quality, with a capacity of 50,000 tons per year.

VietCycle pioneers in environmental protection by reducing plastic waste.

We call on the community to join hands to take practical actions, for a sustainable Vietnam development, for a healthy and safe living environment for everyone