Smart consumption, no plastic waste

Program introduction

CyclePacking vending machine launched
in 2022 - 2025

CyclePacking is a solution for automating purchase and sale transactions, building a distribution channel for laundry detergent, softener, dishwashing liquid, and floor cleaner while reducing the amount of plastic packaging waste by changing shopping habits, reusing packaging, creating a revolution in sustainable consumption awareness, building civilized habits in supermarkets and residential areas with the aim of reducing plastic packaging waste by 90 million – reducing carbon emissions by 54 million kilograms by 2030.

 In this project, we are fortunate to be accompanied by Unilever and being considered for funding by international organizations such as USAID, UNDP, etc., creating a revolution in sustainable consumption awareness, building progressive habits, no plastic waste, and environmental protection in residential communities to achieve the goal of implementing Unilever Vietnam’s commitment to increase the use of recycled plastic by 2025, reducing primary plastic by 50%.

CyclePacking machines sold on the market

Sunlight lemon-flavored dishwashing liquid

Sunlight lily floor cleaner

Omo specialized laundry detergent

Comfort fragrant essential oil

Comfort morning fragrance fabric softener


Reduce 90 million of waste packages by 2030; Reduce emissions by 54 million tons of carbon

Expansion phase


200 machines - 03 million liters - reduce 03 million waste packages


500 machines - 7.5 million liters - reduce 7.5 million waste packages


900 machines - 13.5 million liters - reduce 13.5 million waste packages


1,500 machines - 22.5 million liters - reduce 22.5 million waste packages


2,900 machines - 43.5 million liters - reduce 43.5 million waste packages

The latest news about the program

Circular Economy, Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), Recycling, XanhNét Ecosystem

VietCycle representative attended the Consultation on the Draft Circular on management and use of financial contributions of manufacturers and importers to the Vietnam Environmental Protection Fund to support recycling and waste treatment

Circular Economy, Informal waste workers, XanhNét Ecosystem

VietCycle is honored to become a member of NPAP’s Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) Technical Group

Circular Economy, Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), Phát triển bền vững, Sustainable Development, XanhNét Ecosystem

Deputy Prime Minister Tran Hong Ha visited XanhNét’s exhibition booth

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VietCycle pioneers in environmental protection by reducing plastic waste.

We call on the community to join hands to take practical actions, for a sustainable Vietnam development, for a healthy and safe living environment for everyone