Vechai Show – Special stage for the waste pickers in Hanoi

Vechai Show – Special stage for the waste pickers in Hanoi

On the morning of September 10 at Thong Nhat Park, Vechai Show, a meaningful program dedicated to work-in-silence women, took place very well. For the first time, women who work in junk and waste took the “spotlight” position on stage and told stories about their “junk life”.

At the event, the women had the opportunity to share their own stories and their profession and received sympathy and understanding from many participants. More special is the sharing and concern of Mr. Hoang Duc Vuong – Chairman of VietCycle Corporation, journalist Dinh Duc Hoang, singer Thai Thuy Linh and the organizers of XANH CAMP.

Ms. Le Thi Luong – one of the “Green Warriors” of VietCycle’s collecting network – sat on the stage of the Vechai Show and shared: “Since working as a waste picker for 30 years, up to now, my family’s finances are still facing many difficulties. Some days, if you’re lucky, you’ll have a bunch of spinach to bring home, some days you’ll have nothing at all.”

Ms. Le Thi Luong shared on the Vechai Show stage with guests

Understanding the hardships of the profession, Mr. Hoang Duc Vuong said: “The job of a waste picker is as noble as other jobs in society, but it still does not receive enough attention and does not receive the minimum level of social security. We do not pay enough attention to them so that they can be proud of their profession, of their work to protect the environment.”

Indeed, the work of waste workers still faces many dangers and hardships, but is not given due attention and is not even considered a profession in society.

Vechai Show took place successfully, spreading many meaningful messages. The event paid special tribute to the “Green Warriors” who have always silently contributed to society and helped the community properly understand them and their role in the cause of environmental protection, giving more motivation, and giving the “Warriors” the right to be proud of the work they are doing.

Vechai Show has partly helped women have time to live for themselves, to share, to understand, to listen and sing, to have fun, to relax and to enjoy delicious food. Hopefully they can continue to live slowly, feeling that their life and the work they are doing is truly meaningful.

VietCycle would like to thank XANH CAMP, the journalists, singer Thai Thuy Linh and especially the green warriors in VietCycle’s system for helping us successfully organize this especially meaningful Vechai Show.

Representative of VietCycle Corporation took souvenir photo with the “Green Warriors”

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