VietCycle and Hoan Kiem District communicate to implement a program to reduce plastic waste

VietCycle and Hoan Kiem District communicate to implement a program to reduce plastic waste

On April 17th, Hoan Kiem District People’s Committee held a conference to implement the second phase of the program “Reducing plastic waste and circular economy of plastic waste”. Standing Vice Chairman of Hoan Kiem District People’s Committee Nguyen Anh Quan attended the Conference.

Panoramic photo of the conference

Following the successes achieved, with the support of the Leaders of the People’s Committee of Hoan Kiem District and the financial support of Dow Chemical Vietnam Co., Ltd. (Dow Vietnam), the project of the circular economy model of low-value plastic waste in Hoan Kiem District phase 2 will continue to be deployed from March to July 2023 by VietCycle Joint Stock Company (VCC) as the coordinating unit with the goal of further strengthening the collection and recycling of plastics. processing at least 50 tons of low-value plastic waste (LPW).

At the Conference to implement “Plastic waste reduction and circular economy of plastic waste in Hoan Kiem district in 2023 – phase 2”, Ms. Nguyen Thi Hoang My, Deputy Director of VCC announced the plan with determination to carry out activities such as: (1) setting up 5 collection points for LPW from freelance collectors, collection workers, people, women’s unions, schools…; (2) setting up shipping and sorting at the consolidation depot; (3) recycled into recycled plastic flakes/granules or transferred to processing units into other recycled products such as building materials. At the same time, VCC also focuses on accompanying the informal collection system to strengthen the collection capacity, taking care of life and accompanying the people and the People’s Committee of 6 pilot wards to carry out communication activities to raise awareness and change behavior.

Photo of Ms. Hoang My sharing about the implementation plan

Approving the policy of continuing to implement the project in phase 2, Mr. Nguyen Anh Quan, Standing Vice Chairman of the Hoan Kiem District People’s Committee suggested that departments and units of Hoan Kiem District, People’s Committees of wards cooperate with VietCycle Joint Stock Company to deploy propaganda activities, implement a model of classifying and collecting plastic waste to households and business households in the district, taking advantage of zalo channels, ward speakers for propaganda activities. Create all conditions for the program to be implemented with the best results.

Photo of Mr. Nguyen Anh Quan sharing the manager’s point of view and commitment to cooperation

Mr. Le Do Phuong, Head of Environmental Resources Department of Hoan Kiem District, shared: “We will coordinate and create the best conditions for VietCycle Joint Stock Company to implement the program effectively. Through activities like these, the awareness of cadres and people is enhanced and this is also a very good premise so that when the City People’s Committee has guidelines for implementation, we in Hoan Kiem district can effectively implement waste separation at source in the area.”

Continue to fund phase 2 of the Project, Mr. Nguyen Hoai Son, Deputy General Director of Dow Vietnam shared: “Dow is a materials science and solutions company, we are honored to cooperate with Hoan Kiem District People’s Committee and related partners to join hands to solve the problem of plastic pollution. We hope that phase 2 of the project will promote the efficiency of sorting and collection, increase the recycling rate further and create added value for low-value plastics to realize the circular economy model.” 

Photo of Mr. Nguyen Hoai Son giving a speech

Mr. Hoang Duc Vuong, Chairman of VCC shared more about the long-term orientation with much enthusiasm: “Ahead of us is a future with many waste challenges. Especially with many unsorted low-value plastic packaging, recycling can have many long-term effects. If this type of waste can be collected and recycled, the face of the living environment in Hoan Kiem district in particular and Hanoi in general will change positively. We don’t stop at the experimental level, we look forward to long-term cooperation with the County, Dow, URENCO, CECR and many other important partners such as the system of schools, women’s unions, etc., so that together, we are getting closer to solve the problem of plastic waste”. 

Photo of Mr. Hoang Duc Vuong giving a speech

Receiving about the project and information on classification and recycling from VCC, representatives of people in Hoan Kiem district – Ms. Vu Thi Mui, Head of the Women’s Union, residential group No. 1, Hang Buom ward expressed the support and proposal to maintain the classification and recycling to minimize the amount of plastic waste discharged into the environment.

In the program, VietCycle also organized garbage sorting activities with people to increase the collection volume and recycling capacity of low-value plastic waste and is supported by core groups, schools, URENCO,… consent to support and participate.

Photo of garbage sorting activities with residents, freelance collectors and street collection agencies

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