VietCycle sponsors and participates in the conference of the Vietnam Recycled Plastics Association

VietCycle sponsors and participates in the conference of the Vietnam Recycled Plastics Association

On the afternoon of April 8, 2023, VietCycle participated in sponsoring and supporting the organization of the Conference “Expanded Producer Responsibility Policy (EPR) – Opportunity of Vietnam’s recycling industry”. The conference gathered more than 100 members who are enterprises in the field of collecting, importing, manufacturing and trading recycled plastic and related fields such as equipment, chemicals, training, and services in the ecosystem of the recycling industry.


Photo of all members attending the Conference.

At the conference held in Hanoi, Director of the Legal Department of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment – Mr. Phan Tuan Hung, Chairman of the Vietnam Plastics Association – Mr. Ho Duc Lam supported the Association of Recycled Plastics to develop the orientation of participating in the circular economy and improve itself to meet the recycling criteria in the EPR policy as well as the opportunities of the industry in the future. Many opportunities shared from the Legal Department of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the Environmental Protection Fund, brands, corporations, domestic and foreign organizations, enterprises participating in the Association have seen the whole picture of opportunity – challenge.

Mr. Hoang Duc Vuong, Chairman of the Recycled Plastic Branch shared his enthusiasm: “In front of us is a future with many challenges, but opportunities are also more open than ever. I express my belief in the Vietnam Recycled Plastics Branch that is more united – stronger – grasping its own bright future”.

The branch also realizes that it is necessary to build a stronger branch in terms of organization and operation, to expand its members, to increase its strength and intelligence, to select dedicated members in order to support to protect the legitimate interests of members, improve visibility, seize opportunities, build a strong and united branch to build a developed recycling industry and protect the environment.

Photo of the chairperson’s table at the Conference discussion.

Besides the information shared and exchanged at the seminar, promising business partnerships were opened. The Vietnam Recycled Plastics Branch will continue to keep connections and organize meaningful activities to ensure benefits and develop together with its members in the future.

Photo of a member of VietCycle Joint Stock Company participating in supporting the organization of the Conference.

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