Give wings to the potential for collecting and recycling low-value plastic waste in Hoan Kiem district

Give wings to the potential for collecting and recycling low-value plastic waste in Hoan Kiem district

According to the summary report of VietCycle Corporation, Project “National cooperation to establish a circular economic model of plastic waste in Vietnam – Circular economic model of low-value plastic waste in Hoan Kiem District Phase 2” implemented from March to the end of July 2023. After 5 months of implementation, the project has collected 52 tons of low-value plastic waste from 6 core wards and 12 responding wards. Of which 31 tons were recycled into recycled plastic pellets and 21 tons were transferred to partners to process and create energy for cement factories.

At the Summary Conference “Plastic Waste Reduction Program and Plastic Waste Circular Economy in Hoan Kiem District in 2023 – Phase 2”, VietCycle Company representative announced the results of implementing successful points and expectations to make recommendations on (1) promoting comprehensive communication; (2) recommended co-participation in developing the recycling industry and (3) involvement of the school system to raise awareness and change behavior of the new generation.

Representative of VietCycle Company announced implementation results and proposed recommendations.

Responding to the exchanges and sharing and drawing experiences from the main forces involved in the project such as people, implementing staff at the ward, official and unofficial collectors, Mr. Nguyen Hoai Son, Deputy General Director of Dow Vietnam shared: “Dow is very honored to accompany Hoan Kiem District People’s Committee and related parties to implement this project. Phase 2 of the project has mobilized and diversified ways of collecting plastic waste, not only through URENCO Hoan Kiem but also through the informal collection system. We are very pleased to see the results of phase 2 plastic waste collection being more effective and recycling plastic back into life in the cycle.”

Mr. Nguyen Hoai Son spoke at the conference.

Agreeing with the opinion, Mr. Hoang Duc Vuong, Chairman of VietCycle, further affirmed: “Not stopping at the end of the project, from now until 2024, we are committed to continuing to maintain current activities and call on partners to continue to connect and accompany. In particular, we look forward to long-term cooperation with the District, Dow, URENCO, CECR and many other important partners such as school systems, women’s associations, etc. in the city so that together, we can completely solve the problem of plastic waste.”

Mr. Hoang Duc Vuong spoke at the conference.

Receiving the information, Ms. Le Anh Thu, Standing Vice Chairman of Hoan Kiem District People’s Committee, shared: “The program to reduce plastic waste and circular economy of plastic waste in Hoan Kiem district has so far achieved certain results, contributing to raising people’s awareness of environmental protection, creating new habits and new culture in dealing with waste classification at source and circular economy in the district, creating a premise for implementing the City’s tasks related to environmental sanitation activities in the area. These are clear evidence of the pioneering spirit and compliance with environmental protection policies of the people of Hoan Kiem district. I hope that all parties will continue to promote and accompany units that share the same spirit.”

Ms. Le Anh Thu shared at the conference.

At the end of the Summary Conference “Plastic Waste Reduction Program and Plastic Waste Circular Economy in Hoan Kiem District in 2023 – Phase 2”, Ms. Le Anh Thu, Standing Vice President, representative of Hoan Kiem District People’s Committee presented flowers, acknowledged the contribution of the project, representatives of companies and called for the pioneering spirit of managers and people in the area.

Ms. Le Anh Thu gave flowers to representatives of companies that contributed to the project.

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