VietCycle & Unilever Vietnam co-hosted the event “Ceremony to honor the Green Warriors – For a civilized Vietnam with waste!”

VietCycle & Unilever Vietnam co-hosted the event “Ceremony to honor the Green Warriors – For a civilized Vietnam with waste!”

On October 19, 2023, at Mipec Palace Convention Center, VietCycle had the honor of holding the event “Ceremony to honor Green Warriors – For a civilized Vietnam with trash!”. The event is sponsored by Unilever Vietnam and supported by companion units: ALBA Asia Group, Pacific Environment Organization.

Participating in the event were also representatives of domestic and international organizations and partners and agencies such as: Ministry/Department of Natural Resources & Environment, Hanoi Women’s Union. And most special is the presence of 300 freelance collectors, the “vechai” – waste collectors women who will now be recognized under a new name: “Green Warriors”.

The “Green Warriors” were present at the ceremony.

Opening the event, Mr. Nguyen Van Tuan – General Director of VietCycle Corporation said: “VietCycle’s operation process has so far connected nearly 3,000 waste collectors, transporters and recyclers – Among them, many women, aunts, and sisters in the network are supporting their entire families. Personally, I deeply appreciate the women’s steadfastness, diligence in their profession, patience, and always focusing on their families. At the same time, I am very impressed when there are women who are unfortunate enough to be sick or have difficult circumstances but do not forget the joy of life, always trying and being proud of their work in their chosen profession.”

Mr. Nguyen Van Tuan, General Director of VietCycle delivered the opening speech at the ceremony.

Sharing deep sympathy for the “Green Warriors”, representatives of Unilever Vietnam, the main sponsor of the ceremony, Ms. Le Thi Hong Nhi – Director of Communications and External Relations – Unilever Vietnam International Company Limited shared: “Every year Unilever, VietCycle and their partners gather here to discuss and once again recognize the collection workers in this network. There are also media agencies here, recognizing the role of the Green Warriors. And put them in a worthy position in this society. Because when waste classification at source is not good and people’s awareness is not high, then the role of women in collecting, classifying and bringing plastic waste back to the circular economy is paramount. Thereby, the production of consumer products is extremely necessary. And once again, on behalf of Unilever and our partners, I would like to sincerely thank the work of the Green Warriors.”

Ms. Le Thi Hong Nhi, representative of Unilever Vietnam shared at the ceremony.

Following the ceremony, Mr. Do Duc Thanh – Deputy Head of Solid Waste Management – Department of Natural Resources and Environment also made a sincere statement: “To recognize and build and develop a professional workforce that meets the needs of a modern, civilized society, VietCycle company and its sponsors organized an honor ceremony today. Once again, on the part of the management agency, I would like to sincerely thank and appreciate the participation of women in the past time. And we hope that they will continue to actively participate, promote their role in collecting, classifying and recycling waste. Thereby contributing to building a civilized and modern capital.”

Mr. Do Duc Thanh – Deputy Head of Solid Waste Management – Department of Natural Resources and Environment spoke at the ceremony.

More than anyone else, VietCycle is the one who best understands the key role of the freelance collection team in the mission of bringing green to the country. Mr. Hoang Duc Vuong – Chairman of VietCycle Corporation emphasized this in his speech: “Today, we are grateful for the silent contributions of thousands of female informal workers in VCC’s network. They account for nearly 90% of members and in the Plastic Waste Revitalization project sponsored by Unilever. These are the first steps of a solid foundation to link the informal sector. VietCycle and I are focusing on developing this solid foundation because this is a very important resource that not every country has. The change in awareness and internal development of the women sitting here is the most valuable thing, the heart and also the driving force for transformation of the recycling industry. “

Mr. Hoang Duc Vuong, Chairman of VietCycle spoke at the ceremony.

After the sincere statements from the leaders of VietCycle Company and representatives of partner organizations and companies, perhaps it would be incomplete if there were not the confessions from the freelance workers themselves, the “vechai” people, the “Green Warriors” sharing about their life as collectors. Therefore, the last part of the program is an intimate discussion with the topic “Vechai profession stories and multi-dimensional perspectives” with the participation of Mr. Hoang Duc Vuong, Ms. Le Thi Hong Nhi and Ms. Hoang Thu Hong – Member of the Standing Committee, Head of the Propaganda Department of Hanoi Women’s Union. Especially the presence of 2 vechai girls, 2 typical “Green Warriors”, Ms. Le Thi Luong and Ms. Nguyen Thi Hon.

Discussion session with the topic: “The story of “vechai” – waste collectors profession and multi-dimensional perspectives”.

During the discussion, the whole hall could not help but be moved by the true stories about the vechai profession, about the hard life that pushed the girls to come to the profession. But on the other hand, we saw the smiles and joy of the girls after receiving sincere care and help from sponsors such as VietCycle and Unilever Vietnam.

Each joy may be small, but when gathered, it can become a huge source of motivation for the VietCycle team in the work of supporting and encouraging the “Green Warriors” so that they can be recognized for their silent contributions every day. Having more confidence in the path you are on, having more reasons to constantly create a green future, spreading love for nature and love for people to the community.

Representative of VietCycle presented flowers and gifts to the “Green Warriors”.

Instead of concluding words, Mr. Nguyen Van Tuan – General Director of VietCycle Corporation affirmed his determination as well as sent his wishes to the entire team of freelance workers in the network: “VietCycle knows that the road for every Vietnamese person to “Think differently about trash” is a long and arduous one. But with tireless efforts in recent years, VietCycle is pioneering in environmental protection through collecting and recycling plastic waste, promoting sustainable consumption as well as participate in recommendations and develop policies to develop Vietnam’s recycling collection industry. On the occasion of Vietnamese Women’s Day, I would like to wish all women and sisters always healthy, happy, and always keep a bright smile on their lips. Thank you all for actively participating and supporting the successful organization of this event, thank you very much!”

Representatives of VietCycle and representatives of partner companies took souvenir photos with the “Green Warriors” team.

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